Electric bike ECONO Apes CITY 28” EEC6 Papyrus white 2024



About product

Apes EEC 6 is a third-generation urban bee that will take you safely and easily along your routes to work and shopping. The bicycle is an appropriate means of transport, which does not pollute the environment and has positive effects on your health, due to traffic congestion in urban centres and the lack of parking. It has everything you need to drive safely and comfortably. The “Easy-Entry” frame provides balanced geometry and a lowered centre of gravity for easier and calming driving sense and excellent handling at low speeds. Version 6 is equipped with a central motor and hydraulic disc brakes.

News for 2024

For 2024, we’ve improved the battery capacity and the look of the Apes EEC6 with a new luggage rack. And we’ve refreshed the bike’s aesthetic appeal with new colours, a refreshing Papyrus White and a charming Antrancit Grey.

Propulsion and energy

The drive is improved with a double clutch, which means greater operating efficiency and improved shifting comfort. The Econo’s central electric motor works on the principle of a torque sensor, which means that the motor detects the force with which you press the pedals and, depending on the selected level of assistance, helps you with a relatively equal amount of power. Excellent performance both on the flat and uphill thanks to 80 Nm of torque. The bike is equipped with an Econo battery, which is the result of our development and is produced in our center. It is easy to handle. You can choose the battery capacity yourself.


The APES EEC6 bike is equipped with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, which allow safe and rapid braking and stopping. They withstand great forces and operate in every weather the same way. Be visible and increase your safety with the front and back led lights.

The bike is equipped with a stem adjustable in height and also in inclination, so you can adapt it to your needs and feel as good as possible on the bike. It has fenders that protect you from water and dirt in bad weather. Thanks to them, we stay dry and clean regardless of the terrain. You will be able to place luggage in the trunk during the day’s purchase. The bike also has a strong bike support. As a novelty on the bike, we added a lock attached to the bike for quick locking of the bike.

Pictures and video

Specifications for Electric bike ECONO Apes CITY 28” EEC6 Papyrus white 2024

Gender Unisex
Size M, L
Number of gears 9 speed
Sitting position Upright
Wheel size 28”/700
Brake type Hydraulic discs
Suspension Front suspension fork
Battery 540Wh (15Ah), 720Wh (20Ah)
Battery type Integrated battery
Battery range up to 160 km
Engine layout Central
Engine Econo TSDZ2
Display VLCD 5